A Significant Threat

Nefarious groups around the globe are now regularly using drones as a means to achieve their aims. Whether delivering contraband into prisons, shutting down airport operations, conducting commercial espionage or launching a terrorist attack, drones enable access to otherwise secure locations.


We are a team of experienced military and security professionals that specialise in drone threats. We understand the relationship between risk, threat and vulnerability and will help you identify bespoke mitigation methods based on detailed analysis of your site

Show due diligence and follow the government guidelines of conducting a vulnerability assessment to plan your response to the drone threat. We can help develop a bespoke strategy for your site that will enable you to immediately focus your counter drone efforts; many of which are cost neutral.

Please get in touch and find out how we can help shape your response. It is the first step to a more efficient, cost-effective and impactful response to this new threat.

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