We are a team of carefully selected military and security specialists with extensive experience in risk management, security operations and the employment of drones. We are passionate about protecting against this problem and in assisting those facing it with impartial advice that could save them time, money and even lives.

We have developed a military based approach for methodically assessing the vulnerabilities a site has to this complex threat. It has been used in a number of high profile locations to give focus and structure to the counter-drone response.

We will deliver a series of practical recommendations. Our work is pragmatic, logical and productive; with the aim of enabling a range of solutions to a site security manager. We have the confidence to assess issues and give impartial priorities for focused action. The end result is a relevant, well evidenced but accessible strategy that empowers security staff to implement effective change.


We are pragmatic, logical and productive; we empower security staff to implement effective change.